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Different Types of Architectural Styles

27 August 2018

Architecture is simply the style or character of any commercial structure or home. Today, architects have turned designing architectural features into an artform since they are full of imaginative and creative details. Of course, to ensure the resulting plans can come to fruition in an ideal manner a bit of science also is involved. The […]

Five Good Reasons to Choose Architecturally Designed Prefab/Modular Homes

17 August 2018

With the numerous options in home design that are available today, it is overwhelming trying to select the right one for your specific house. While there are the customised versions, most cost more than your budget will allow for the size of house that you desire. When this is the case, there is no reason […]

Going Green: The Importance of Using Sustainable Materials in Architecture

27 July 2018

Architectural practices have gone through various transformations over the years. While it was once acceptable to use all types of building materials, regardless of their nature, it is no longer advisable to do so since we now understand that certain materials fail to be sustainable. Today, more and more builders are specialising in green building. […]

The Importance of Good Architectural Planning and Design for a New Home

12 July 2018

Top quality architectural planning and design are essential elements for building a new home. Regardless of the size or style of your new residence, it should be created with the best concept, style and structural expertise possible. Because you want to gain many years of enjoyable home living in your new house, it should be […]

Designing the ideal floor plan A to Z

25 June 2018

How to maximise the use of your space with minimum costs? It is important to design your ideal floor plan for your home and still have money left! The floor plan is the blueprint of your future dream home and will be one of the most important things to consider before you start building. Do […]