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Five Good Reasons to Choose Architecturally Designed Prefab/Modular Homes

August 17th, 2018

With the numerous options in home design that are available today, it is overwhelming trying to select the right one for your specific house. While there are the customised versions, most cost more than your budget will allow for the size of house that you desire. When this is the case, there is no reason to dismay since you can opt for one of the architecturally designed prefab/modular homes that are available today. These houses offer multiple benefits beyond fitting into your budget constraints, as you can learn by reading the following five reasons to select this type of house for your next one.

1. Prefab/Modular Homes Are Pre-built Indoors

Since prefab/modular houses are pre-built indoors from start to completion, any issues are detected prior to delivery to your lot. Of course, these homes are disassembled and all of the parts labeled to prepare them for shipment to various homebuyers like yourself. All you need to do is arrange for a suitable lot prior to ordering your house.

2. Delivered on Schedule

Because these houses are pre-built indoors, there are fewer weather delays unlike customised homes. The parts are always delivered on the contracted schedule. Assembly requires a minimum of time in comparison to constructing a house from scratch on your lot.

3. Maximum Versatility

Another reason to select an architecturally designed prefab/modular home is the fact that it offers maximum versatility. Not only can you select from a wide range of design options, but also it is easy to expand when the time comes. Also, you can relocate it if you desire a lot in a different city.

4. Less On-Site Waste

Due to the fact that the house comes in pre-built parts to your lot, there is less on-site waste to clean up in comparison to a custom-built home. This makes clean-up go a lot faster after the crew assembles your house.

5. Effective to Buy

In comparison to custom-built homes, prefab/modular homes are more cost effective to purchase. If you have an unlimited budget, you may not care about this reason and may still decide to go custom-built. However, when your budget is tight, this benefit just may be the basis for your final decision to choose this style of house.

For further reasons and information about why you should select one of the architecturally designed prefab/modular homes available today, consult with our company, MCam Building Design. At the same time, we will explain all of our other services that range from renovations and extensions to project management. We will guide you to the right style of prefab/modular house for your specific situation, lot and preferences.