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Going Green: The Importance of Using Sustainable Materials in Architecture

July 27th, 2018

Architectural practices have gone through various transformations over the years. While it was once acceptable to use all types of building materials, regardless of their nature, it is no longer advisable to do so since we now understand that certain materials fail to be sustainable. Today, more and more builders are specialising in green building. They use as many sustainable materials as possible in all of their projects. Refer to the following information to learn additional facts about the importance of using sustainable materials in architecture.

Helps Preserve Natural Resources

One of the top advantages to using sustainable materials in building projects is the fact that it helps preserve natural resources. Instead of including timber from natural forests, you will select the timber from tree farms and other sustainable sources for just one example of this.

Reduces Energy Consumption

Often times, using sustainable building materials reduces energy consumption in the manufacturing process. Steel is an ideal example of this since recycling steel requires less energy that producing new steel for construction components.

Creates a Healthy Environment on the Interior and Exterior of a Structure

Sustainable materials also have lower emissions of formaldehyde and other toxins, so by using them you create a healthy environment in the structure’s interior as well as exterior areas. On top of this, green architects and builders are including eco-friendly finishes in their projects that do not give off any volatile organic compounds or VOCs that negatively affect the air quality.

Minimises Construction Waste Through Recycling

Another important reason to include sustainable materials in building projects is the fact that you can recycle the scraps. This reduces the amount of waste that construction projects can generate. Also, recycling the scraps is cheaper than the massive cleanup that takes place with leftover non-sustainable materials.

You Can Support Local Suppliers

Most sustainable materials are readily available from local suppliers. By purchasing from these suppliers, you support the local economy instead of that of a foreign country.

Improves Resale Value of Projects

One last benefit of using sustainable materials in building projects that we must discuss is that this practice improves the resale value of the structures. Prospective buyers of homes and buildings will appreciate the fact that your structure includes green materials.

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